Bhima Golden Facts

Bhima started off with silver jewellery! You will still find a collection of sterling silver jewellery in our showrooms.
The manufacture of Antique jewellery, with its impressive attention to detail, is an extremely labour intensive process. On an average, it takes almost a month for our skilled craftsmen to finish a single necklace!
Bhima gold has been trusted by over three generations of customers for its quality, as also by other jewellers!
The jewellery from Bhima has shared the feelings of happiness of over a million brides since 1925!
Bhima was the first jeweller to introduce free astrologer consultation to help you select the most appropriate gemstone based on the horoscope.
Bhima has an unmatched collection of loose precious stones in various budgets for you to choose from.
Bhima jewellery goes through stringent internal quality tests before finally reaching you. Itís due to this fact that we take a longer time to process customer orders.
Bhima Diamonds and Precious stones are carefully handpicked by qualified and certified gemologists.
Bhima Diamonds are sold with Certificates of authenticity and buy-back guarantee.
Fineness of 916 means that the quality of gold is 22 carat.
Bhima sells 24 carat gold coins with fineness of 999 at very competitive rates vis-a-vis banks.
Bhima is a family business and is run with the full involvement of the family to ensure quality. The showrooms are not run solely by managers, hence expansion is limited.
At the time when there was a Bhima showroom only at Alappuzha, customers used to come all the way from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu, North Kerala and Dakshina Kannada for their jewellery shopping!
White gold is as valuable as yellow gold of the same caratage.
White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel or palladium. Almost all white gold jewellery is rhodium plated since gold thus alloyed never comes out true white!
Bhima is a PGI authorized platinum jewellery retailer.
Bhima is one of the very few jewellers who do not directly or indirectly own a gold jewellery hallmarking centre. We just donít declare our gold is good, we have others say it!
Bhima jewellery is hallmarked after our internal quality tests. We have our jewellery hallmarked for 2 reasons: to have a third party confirm its purity, and to avoid duplicate jewellery with our jewellerís mark!
Bhima is the jeweller of choice for royal and aristocratic families.
Bhima is one of the first and most trusted diamond merchants in Kerala.
When you buy a piece of jewellery from Bhima, it comes with a backing of an unparalleled trust of over 85 years!
Bhima jewellery witnesses the tears of pain and happiness: Right from when a babyís ears are pierced, till and beyond when she adorns our jewellery as a beautiful bride.
The menís collection at Bhima has accessories like belt buckles, spectacle frames, cuff links, etc in addition to regular menís jewellery.
Bhima is an expression of a motherís pure love: Most mothers who come to us for their daughterís jewellery have had their mother coming to us for theirs!
Bhima is the first jeweller in Kerala to sell readymade jewellery.
Bhima houses one of the largest collections of Bridal, Antique, Diamond Studded and Gents Jewellery in India.
Bhima does not utilize the services of marketing or canvassing agents. You do not have a hidden cost of agentís commission when you buy from us.
Beautiful brides prefer Bhima Jewellers.
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Bhima Designer Jewellery

Bhima is the pioneer in jewellery design and the first jeweller to introduce Antique designs, Imported Singapore, Arabic/Turkish, Italian jewellery, and light weight designer jewellery to Kerala. Bhimaís Wedding Collection in pure 916 Hallmarked Gold comprises a wide range of jewellery to suit the tastes of all communities.

Travancore collection

Traditional Kerala designs that are evergreen, and a part of the wedding jewellery of every Hindu bride in Kerala, are still very popular and kept in vogue by the expert craftsmanship exclusive to Bhima .

The traditional Kaashu Mala, Mullamottu mala, Elakka Thali, Palakka, Nagapadam, Manga mala etc are hot favorites to this day.

Hi-fashion Wedding Collection

New trendy designs in pure gold Ė Necklaces, bangles, earrings, fancy chains and more. Craftsmanship and design at its very best, at value for money making charges. This is the most popular choice of wedding customers.

Antique Designer Jewellery

Bhima recaptures the glory of the past for the new generation by reproducing antique designs, in both light weight and regular patterns: studded with uncut precious and semi-precious stones, in various finishes and polishes from black, pink, matte and yellow gold.

Calcutta Designs

Intricate filigree work from Calcutta is very popular in gold jewellery in Kerala. Simply unmatched traditional craftsmanship in contemporary designs available in necklaces, bangles, rings and elaborate earrings, maang tikkas etc.

Imported jewellery

Designer 22 carat jewellery imported from Italy, Singapore, Middle East, and from the fashion capitals of the world in exquisite international designs are available in interesting finishes like white gold and rhodium finishes. It is the choice of the trendy new generation. These are ideal party wear and casual wear. Necklaces, delicate chains and pendants, elegant bracelets, cool rings and earrings, the designs are simply irresistible.

Jewellery and accessories for Men

Bhima has wide range to choose from in both yellow and white gold, and a mix of both. From fashion neck chains, chunky rings, bracelets, pendants, to spectacle frames, belt buckles, Key chains, cufflinks and more, pure gold accessories are catching on in the fashion circuit of the modern male.

Bhima has traditional chains like Tulsi mala, Navaratna mala and Rudraksha mala which are popular among the elder gentlemen.
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